Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We were very fortunate again to get very good tickets through the FIFA internet sales program.
Mainly because we bought them more than an year ago, when we did not know even the classified countries.
Imagine our tension during the draw for the groups!
But we get tickets for 2 big games (Nederland x Denmark and Brazil x Portugal), sold out!
Here you can see and follow our games schedule:
13 June - Pretoria - Serbia x Ghana 16:00 hs
14 June - Johannesburg Soccer City - Nederland x Denmark 13:30 hs
15 June - Rustenburgo - Eslovac Republic x New Zealand 13:30 hs
17 June - Bluefountain - Greece x Nigeria 16:00 hs
21 June - Port Elizabeth - Switzerland x Chile 16:00 hs
25 June - Durban - Portugal x Brazil 16:00 hs Durban
28 June - Durban - Eights : First Group E x Second Group F 16:00 hs

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